The Pilates Method trains the deep muscles, improves the posture, rebalances a lean and supple body and hightens body awareness. It’s a combination of strengthening, stretching and relaxing exercises. A gentle and very effective training method for body and mind with flowing movements. Coordination and balance exercises are incorporated and so it is a reliable opportunity to prevent injury and back pain. With the different props and apparatus the training stays varied and it is a perfect addition to endurance training. It is suitable and beneficial for people of all ages.

With the Reformer, the most popular of the equipment, you can do exercises, that are not possible on the mat. Therefore you experience a whole new dimension of training. Through the resistance the training results are faster than on the mat. The Chair and the Tower extend the repertoire and are some other apparatus to experience more challenging exercises. I also added the TRX for more strengthening exercises.

The focus on the different Pilates Principles help to improve the effectiveness of the method through the precise execution of the exercise.

The 7 Bodymotion Principles

  1. Breathing
  2. Relaxation and lightness
  3. Centering
  4. Elongation and width
  5. Organising the shouldergirdle
  6. Articulation of the joints
  7. Alignment and balance

The focus lies on the quality of the movement not on the number of repetitions. You train the whole body not just some muscles. The visualization and images help the movement to more precision.

  • We train in comfortable clothes, barefoot or in socks
  • classes are being taught at different places
  • Private lessons on demand at your home