With new motivation and challenge into my training routine. Thank you very much to my best Pilates trainer Constanze Kuster. The best.

At Constanzes lessons everybody feels in it’s own way challenged and always at ease. She controls and corrects individually, so you always feel in good hands. Thanks to the small groups you benefit enormously. Now during my pregnancy this was very important to me. She is an absolute pro and always ready for a laugh!

Since I started Pilates at Constanze I have no longer back or joint pains. Feel really loosened and freer. My posture is much better. Her great and friendly nature and specially the flexibility make my life easier. Thank you sooo much. I can only entrust it to everyday and recommend it to the full.

Great pilates instructor with lots of experience. Just amazing!

Prenatal pilates were my first lessons with Constanze. I didn’t know pilates before and I was positively surprised of all the things you can do being pregnant and still be safe. I very much enjoyed it and will definitely do a post natal Course with Constanze.

The training with Constanze is very efficient and varied, whether as personal training or in the group. Constanze has given personal attention to my needs, therefore the training was a lot of fun. The variety in the the class and the specific offers as outdoor-pilates make want to come back to Pilates-Zermatt.

Since I started with pilates my neck pain has disappeared.

With my 66 years of age I can recommend the pilates method 100% to everyday. After a knee surgery, thanks to my regular pilates training and my strong will I could take up my skin after just 6 months again.

I always had migraines, partly due to hormones, partly from tension in my neck. Since I started pilates I hardy had any fits. 3 weeks pause and I restarted with tensions and a 3 day fit . Thus the prove how wonderful pilates is for so many things.

Since I started pilates training with Constanze I can say that I have really found a challenging sport, not only efficient for the body but also for the mind. After one hour of training I always have the feeling of well being, it’s fantastic. Thank you Constanze for giving me this beautiful drug called pilates. Too good your classes!

I am very enthusiastic about pilates and I have to say that after just five lessons my back muscles got stronger. Thank you very much.

For several years I and my golf playing friends have been doing a soft but efficient training once a week. This pilates method strengthens the deep muscles in the tummy, back legs and the bottom. Also the shoulder region gets frequently into action . Constanze understands it beautifully to create interesting and efficient lessons, through varying coordinative and relaxing exercises. Thanks to her good eye she can correct individually immediately. The pleasant background music is ballad to body and mind. And when the golf balls fly further we ladies have achieved a goal and have good reason to continue.

A huge compliment to the trainer. Constanze takes you through the lesson very professionally. The instructions are clear and precise, the training demanding and varied. Constanze has inspired and motivated me continually. Great experience. I can only recommend it. For Zermatt as a ski resort without doubt a huge gain.

Pilates with you is a lot of fun.

I highly recommend that everyone in Zermatt that has never done Pilates before does this. I have been doing Pilates now once or twice a week since winter 2011-12 and the benefits have been endless. I no longer have lower back pain, my posture is different so I sit and stand much better and my core strength is so much better. It would be such a benefit to anyone, but particularly to ski instructors who need this core strength. Anyone that thinks it’s easy is wrong. I’ve sometimes finished classes sweating as much as if I’d been to the gym.

As a fitness teacher and personal trainer for over 20 years, I totally agree with Stuart. Everyone should do Pilates.

Constanze is an excellent teacher.

The Prenatal course was very helpful, good combination of movement and theory. Specially the Pilates exercises were great. Movement in a relaxed atmosphere and no more back pain! I can only recommend it!

I attended the Prenatal Course for pregnant ladies. It was great, this combination of Pilates and useful theory was very varied. We have learnt a lot and had fun. Thank you for that. I highly recommend it if you want movement and get new contacts during your pregnancy.

In the Prenatal course with a midwife and Pilates we have gained a lot of useful Information about the present and coming changes. Great combination of movement and Information. To be able to do this in Zermatt saves you from traveling & helps to make contacts with other pregnant ladies.