Group classes (5 and more participants)
Small groups (3-4 participants)
Private sessions and in pairs
  • Pilates Mat with small props
  • Pilates Equipment: Reformer, Tower, Pilates Arc, Combo Chair, TRX
  • Circuit Training with equipment
  • Pre- and Postnatal Pilates
  • Body-Fit
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Medical-Stretching
  • Massage
  • Sound session with singing bowls
  • Pilates for Men
  • LINK MOVES® Brain-Fitness Training
  • Salsa-Fitness


Successive course to the foundation course. Here we learn new exercises and add small props like balls, bands, foam roller, toning balls, magic circle stability cushion etc. This way the exercises stay interesting and you can put a new focus on them each time.

Pilates Level II

Building up from level I. In this course further and more complex exercises are added, that expect a certain physical control. The addition of different props make the training interesting and challenging.


The Reformer is the most popular equipment machine that Joe created. It is an apparatus that enables you to slide and in addition you adjust the level of resistance. The reformer is a very effective training tool on which many exercises can be done in all basic positions, some of which are not possible on the mat. Thanks to the resistance the training results are faster than on the mat. Private and training in pairs.
Adding a Jumpboard to the reformer brings cardio benefits to the lesson, so you can expect to sweat.


Maybe the most challenging of all the apparatus that Joseph Pilates created. Perfectly suitable for feet- knee- and hip stability. With the addition of the resistance the training gets more intense. Specially recommended for leg and arm work.


Strengthening, Stretching and development of the core muscles. The Pilates Arc can also be placed on the Reformer to enlarge the repertoire.  Back and shoulder muscles are strengthened and mobilized but also the balance can be trained.


From now on you can have a versatile and demanding circuit training on the different equipment (Reformer, Chair, Tower and Arc) that Joseph created . In addition you can use the TRX for more strength and instability. The positive part are the small groups this way you set high quality training with individual attention. The lessons are put together in a way that you are challenged over again each time.


Intensive and varied full body training. With these functional exercises we train several muscle slings simultaneously. You will be training strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility and balance. For a stronger training we include small props and weights.  In the Studio we will work with the TRX.  Suitable for all ages.


Special pilates training for mothers to be or a strengthening training after giving birth. You focus on the pelvic floor and the back will be released.The gentle training improves the body awareness and the correct breathing energizes and stabilizes the circulation. Tightness and pain will improve


Special workout for men, focussing on their specific needs.

LINK MOVES® Brain-Fitness Training

Face stress in a positive way. Doing specific body movements, certain brain areas are stimulated, fueled and linked. This way you can reduce stress, increase your concentration and thought blockages are resolved. An extraordinary training that is being used for burnout prevention and helps develop a team spirit. Learn how to think and be concentrated, focused and solution oriented.


Special course. In this course a certain fitness is required. Whole body training specially focussing on the needs of skiers that will be trained intensively.The main muscle slings that are necessary for skiing are being addressed as well as coordination and balance. Stretching exercises complete and intensify the training. Small props are added to intensify the training.


A massage with singing bowls is relaxing and reduces stress. It energizes and vitalizes the body. It can reduce blockages in the body. The sound and vibration of the singing bowls penetrate the body where you get into a deep relaxing state even on a cell level. The human body is mainly made of water, which reacts very sensitively to sound vibrations. Calm down with a sound session.


Is a gentle and very effective stretching method. The fascial network, or connective tissue  in the body will be stretched and relaxes the muscles. It improves the flexibility and body awareness. Medical-Stretching creates space in the joint capsules and is very beneficial. It prevents injury and works on performance recovery. Medical -Stretching regulates the nervous system. It works on the massage table in comfortable clothes.


Mix of Salsa dance steps and fitness elements. This is a dance class.